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raveready's Journal

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the rave culture
2ci, acid, acid jazz, acid trance, ambiant, ambient, b-boy, b-girl, bead bracelets, beads, big beat, black light, black lights, blinkie things, break beats, breakbeat, breakcore, breakdance, california, candie, candy, candy kids, candy necklaces, candy raver, care bears, central new york, children of the night, clothes, clubbing, clubs, cocaine, dance, dance music, dancesafe, dancing, dare, dark trance, dj-ing, djing, dmt, downtempo, dream trance, drill n bass, drinking, drug free raving, drug reports, drum machines, dub, ecstasy, electronic, electronic music, electronica, events, fire poi, flyers, fuzzy things, gabba, gabber, glitch, glitter, glow, glow in the dark, glow sticks, glowsticks, gravers, happy hardcore, happyhardcore, hard house, hard trance, hippie culture, hippies, hoodies, house, idm, inovas, jelly bracelets, jump up, jungle, junglist, kandee kids, kandee kidz, kandie, kandy, ketamine, lightshows, loud music, love, lsd, magic mushrooms, making bracelets, mdma, modern hippies, molly, mushrooms, music, opiates, p*l*u*r, p.l.u.r, p.l.u.r., p.l.u.r.r, pacifier, pacifiers, parties, partying, peace, piercings, plur, poi, progressive trance, psychedelic tryptamines, ragga, rave boys, rave flyers, rave girls, rave scene, rave venues, raver bois, raver boys, raver girls, respect, responsibility, responsible drug use, safe drug use, san francisco, sex, singing, smoking, sxe, tech step, techno, trance, trancecore, turntablism, ufo, underground rave scene, unity, vinyl, vocal trance, warehouses, weed, xtc